Get Ready For Summer: 7 Day Detox Plan

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Hey there! I have been planning to get to the core of detoxifying for a long time and what´s better for it than pre-summer season! Many of you know the feeling of heaviness, being too loaded with carbs for too long. Stomach permanently bloated and favorite jeans don´t fit as they used to only few months ago? Yep. I am right there, right now.


I have decided to have a look on various detox plans and summarize pros and cons . What surprised me:

  • As it seems, most of the nutritionists and doctors are against the traditional “only water, nothing than water” religion.  It shocks your organism and makes your mood go down, feat. never ending headaches and malnutrition.

BUT! There are still ways how to detoxify, jump into new lifestyle (because that´s how we- super theatrical and dramatic people do it) and feel more confident about our bodies.

1-3 DAYS BEFORE DETOX – Prepare your body! Start cutting off sugars and refined foods, increase your water intake.

DETOX- GENERAL RULES – The goal is to drink 2-2,5 l of water a day and eat a lot of water-based veggies and nutritious fruits.

Lemon  green tea is a great way, how to get a lot of natural Vitamin C and have some taste in the plain drink. download (4).jpg

  • 2 cups of fresh, unsweetened, strong green tea
  • 2 cups of water
  • juice of one, medium big lemon
  • handful of fresh mint leaves (for that great mojito aroma)
  • cut lime pieces for that extra summer touch
  • ice cubes

I prepare this drink two times a day, one in the morning and one after lunch, around 2 PM. It contains caffeine, therefore I don´t recommend drinking it 3-5 hours before sleep (depends how caffeine-sensitive you are). In evening hours, switch to regular water instead.

Diet during the detox should contain nutrient rich foods in small portions with low calorie values. Some examples of meals (recipes come-up when you click on the link):

DINNER. In this this detox, I have decided to skip dinner completely. I usually feel very full at the evening and when I eat heavy dinner, I tend to be very unproductive and tired soon.

My feelings after?I DEFINITELY see some changes on my body, especially on my stomach and tights. Weight shows, that I went 4,5 kilos down, I feel empowered, motivated and my productivity is boosted.

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